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This is Madness.

2009-08-26 02:26:50 by iBlackieChan

Madness Day September 22nd is approaching :)

Thwimps Gone Wild has been changed too Thwimp Madness.

Im canceling the Portal series though =/ i Have no motivation to do that shit what so ever. Sorry too everyone who favorited it and liked it. Ill make it up September 22nd :)

This is Madness.

iPortal Changes

2009-05-12 16:29:58 by iBlackieChan

iPortal Part 2 won't be up for a while because I'v been taking my time with this one. The drawings are 10x better, I'm trying to reduce lag, and I'm just overall going all out with part 2. It's going to be done in an entirely new style and will actually be pretty lengthy and hopefully pleasing :3

heres an example of the changes

iPortal Changes


2009-05-04 12:42:22 by iBlackieChan

Add Me, I'v Got A Pretty Cool Graffiti Gallery :3

I just started graffiti about a year ago so I could use some advice! ^_^

And on second not I added some random video. Its a remake of this week's Turd Of The Week "One Random Bunny". My remake is with some random bunnies. Check it out if your that bored ! :3


iPortal : Part 1

2009-05-04 07:04:39 by iBlackieChan

THE Final Version Of iPortal : Part 1 Is Now Available =) Thanks To Everyone Who Has Criticized My Work For Me To Reproduce My First Ever Animation To It's Finest. It Couldn't Of Had Been Done Without The Help Of The Audience Of Newgrounds =) Thank You.

-iBlackie Chan

Based On A True Story

2009-05-03 01:08:59 by iBlackieChan

i was bored so I made something that tells a little about me